Hi, my name is Carolina Delavy Chagas!
I’m a Brazilian freelance illustrator based in Porto Alegre. 
I’m interested in background development for the animation industry as well as illustrations for picture books. I love exploring vibrant colors, different textures and geometrical shapes in my designs!
I'm represented internationally by my great agents at Advocate Art, for all publishing projects please contact mail@advocate-art.com
If you would like to request the password for my published work gallery or for any other enquiries you can contact me at delavychagas@gmail.com
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
BA Design | 2013 - 2018
Dublin Institute of Technology
BA Visual Communications | 2015 -2016
(exchanging program)
Graphic design intern 
Yellowbean Branding Agency | 2014-2015 & 2016-2017
     • Minor branding & editorial projects
     • Closing files for production
Junior Illustrator
Alopra Studio | 2018-2019
     • Character turn around for animation
     • Background layout and painting for animation
     • Prop design for animation
     • Character illustration for advertising
Freelance illustrator
2019 - Present
     • Editorial illustration
     • Textile illustration 
     • Background design for animation
     • Prop design for animation
illustration for animation
     • Bob Zoom’s Adventures | 1st Season | Background design
     • Hydro and Fluid | 2nd Season | Background and prop design
     • Popeye’s Island of Adventures | 1st Season | Background design
Editorial Illustration
     • Sorria Magazine | Issues #68 and #69
     • Todos Magazine | Issues #26 and #27
     • 51 Coisas para Fazer com Seu Gato
     • Digital painting
     • Illustration
     • Graphic & Editorial design
     • Typography & Lettering
     • Adobe Photoshop
     • Adobe Illustrator
     • Adobe Premiere
     • Adobe Indesign
     • Microsoft Office
Thank you!
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